• Treasury Solutions 

    Online Banking for Business 


    • Manage your business' cash from anywhere you have Internet access
    • View transaction details
    • Make Online bill payments
    • Transfer funds between accounts
    • Make ACH payments and direct payroll deposits
    • Download to popular money management and accounting software
    • Add the ACH Module - Make ACH payments and direct payroll deposits
    • Add the Wire Module

    Online Banking/Cash Management 
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    Merchant Payment Processing 


    • Increase your company's sales by accepting VISA®, MasterCard® and other major credit cards
    • A Merchant Gift Card Program can reward loyal customers and create new customers to drive profits and improve cash flow
    • Benefit from improved cash flow since your merchant sales are automatically deposited to your checking account
    • The latest technology in equipment, available to rent or purchase
    • Clear and easy-to-read monthly statements
    • Timely and efficient customer service

       Business Remote Deposit 
    • Special 3-Month FREE trial offer available
    • Deposit checks online 24/7 and get next day availability on your funds
    • Scan and send checks to your account electronically
    • Eliminate trips to the branch
    • Reduce errors by eliminating manual entries
    • Consolidate deposits from multiple locations in one account
    • Combine with Online Banking for optimum efficiency

    • Lockbox processing can streamline the collection of receivables and accelerate your company's cash flow
    • Shortens the time to gather, process and deposit payments from your customers
    • Allows you to accelerate availability and put your company funds to work as quickly as possible
    • Helps to reduce the three float elements in the collection process: mail, processing and availability
    • Provides you a unique post office box number and zip code for payments to you
    • Gives you deposit information by email, online, fax, phone or regular mail 

    Investment Sweep Account 
    • Manage your company's cash by making the most of idle account balances
    • Automatically transfer excess cash or needed cash between a business checking account and an investment account
    • All sweep account activity will be summarized on your monthly bank statement including:
      • Checks paid
      • Deposits
      • Interest earned
      • Transfers to and from the investment and commercial checking sections 

    Zero Balance Account 
    • Control your company's cash flow by linking separate disbursement accounts to your general operating account
    • Eliminates idle balances and allows a business to manage multiple accounts as though they were one account
    • Funds needed to cover checks written will be automatically transferred from the main account 

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