• Safe Deposit Boxes 

    Q: Can the Bank enter a safe deposit box without the customer?

    A: A safe deposit box requires the use of two (2) keys for entrance. One (1) key is maintained by the customer, and the other by the Bank. Neither key will work without the other. Therefore, Bank employees cannot open the safe deposit box without the customer.

    Q: When is drilling necessary for a safe deposit box?

    A: If the customer loses the keys to the safe deposit box, the customer should notify the Bank. The Bank will then make arrangements for the safe deposit box to be drilled, so the customer can receive new keys or a new box.


    If the customer is seriously delinquent on safe deposit box fees, the Bank can proceed with action to drill the safe deposit box. The fee for drilling the safe deposit box is $150.00. The customer is sent numerous notifications prior to this action.