• Teller Services 

    Q: Are there any fees for teller transactions?

    A: The Bank does not charge any special or additional fees for a teller transaction.

    Q: How does a customer transfer funds?

    A: A customer can transfer funds by completing the necessary forms, and presenting them to a teller. For example, for a transfer from savings to checking a savings withdrawal form and checking deposit ticket would be completed.

    A customer may also transfer funds by telephone, provided the account titles are the same.

    Q: What is a night drop?

    A: A night drop, also known as a night depository, is a service that allows customers to bring transactions to the Bank after hours. The transactions are placed in a special bag, and then dropped into a special drawer. This night depository area is opened each morning. At that time, the transactions are verified by two (2) employees, and then processed.

    Q: What is MoneyGram®?

    A: MoneyGram® is a service that allows customers to wire or send funds to another part of the country or overseas. A fee is charged, based on the amount and destination of the transaction. A teller can assist a customer who wishes to use this service.



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