• Policies & Procedures 

    Q: Why is a customer sometimes asked to show identification?

    A: A banking representative sometimes asks a customer for identification as a protective measure for both the person and the Bank. Signatures may change slightly over time, and therefore not match those in our files. The request for identification is another way to validate that the correct person is requesting the transaction.

    Q: When are statements issued and mailed?

    A: Statements on checking accounts are issued and mailed on a monthly basis. Statements on savings accounts are issued quarterly, unless there is activity for that month. In that case, it would be issued monthly. The date of statement issuance is determined by the account number, and maintained on a consistent basis while the account is open.

    Q: Does Marquette Bank have an Internet Privacy Statement and where can I find it?

    A: Yes, we maintain a Privacy Statement which provides information on privacy and security issues along with other disclosure information which are accessible at anytime on this site by clicking on the Member FDIC / Equal Housing Lender logos.