• 128-Bit Encryption 

    Q: Does Marquette Bank requires that all browsers support a 128-bit encryption in order to access its secured website pages, like Online Banking. 

    A: Yes, as of Tuesday, October 7, 2003, as part of our ongoing effort to increase the security of our website, we will require all browsers accessing secure pages within our website to support 128-bit encryption.

    Q: How can I find out if my browser needs to be upgraded?

    A: To determine if your browser supports 128-bit encryption, click on "Help" in the toolbar of your Internet browser and click on "About [browser name]". A pop-up box or window will display. For Internet Explorer - Next to "Cipher strength" you should see "128-bit". For Netscape - the following text should appear: "This version supports high-grade (128-bit) security with RSA Public Key Cryptography." For Netscape versions earlier than 6, the following text should appear: "This version supports International security."

    If your browser does not support 128-bit encryption, you will need to upgrade to a browser that does in order to continue to access secure pages of the website. Recommended browsers include: Netscape Navigator 4.75, Internet Explorer 5.0 or 6.0, and AOL 6, 7 or 8, but other browsers that support 128-bit encryption may also work.

    Q: Can I upgrade the encryption level of my browser without updating the browser version?  

    A: That depends on the browser and version you are currently using.

    • Netscape browser versions earlier than 6 do not have a 128-bit encryption only upgrade. You must perform a full upgrade to a version of Netscape that supports 128-bit encryption and then specifically request the higher level of encryption.
    • While our website is not certified with Netscape 6 and 7, these browser versions may work and allow you to download the SmartUpdate Plugin, which will update the browser to 128-bit encryption without upgrading to a new browser version.
    • If you are using Internet Explorer 3 or earlier, you must perform a full upgrade to Internet Explorer Version 5 with 128-bit encryption.
    • If you are using Internet Explorer 4 or later, you may perform a partial 128-bit encryption only upgrade by following the instructions below.
    • AOL uses the Internet Explorer browser and is subject to the same conditions as Internet Explorer.

    Q: What do I need to do to upgrade?  


    Internet Explorer  

    In Internet Explorer, click on Help and select About Internet Explorer. The window that pops up should say "Cipher strength: 128-bit". If it does not, clicking on "Update Information" will take you to the link below, which contains instructions for upgrading Internet Explorer: 


    If you are running Windows 2000, you can access this link: 


    The upgrade is simple and fairly quick. You will be required to restart your computer.

    Netscape (versions earlier than 6)  

    Verify your cipher strength, as some versions of 4.7 do not support 128-bit encryption. If the version you are using does not support it, download an updated version by clicking on the following link and following the instructions: http://browser.netscape.com/

    You can also reference this link to archived Netscape product releases: http://wp.netscape.com/download/archive.html  

    Netscape (version 6 and higher)  

    Download the SmartUpdate Plugin by clicking on the following link and following the instructions: http://cgi.netscape.com/cgi-bin/su/intro.cgi  



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