• Financial Planning

    Our lifestyle planning process is designed to focus on your specific area(s) of need, whether you are in the wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, or the wealth transfer/asset protection phase of your life. Our professionals work with you to address concerns, identify risks and take advantage of opportunities at each stage of life by offering an objective review of your situation in any or all of the following areas:

    Estate Planning / Asset Protection – evaluate options to preserve, protect and pass your assets on to your heirs in the most efficient manner given your personal situation and family dynamic. This process is critical regardless of ones level of net worth.

    Investment Planning – review your investments looking at performance, income, liquidity and risk to determine the proper asset allocation strategy that fits your risk profile and the proper types of assets for your portfolio. Based upon your stage in life, we also integrate your investments with your estate plan.

    Retirement Planning – monitor your progress to see if you will meet your retirement goals, evaluate investment options and consider alternative options to help you meet your goals and integrate with your estate plan.

    Business Succession Planning – evaluate options for the orderly transfer of your business to your heirs in the most efficient and equitable manner.

    Life Care Planning – developing a plan to provide for an elderly spouse, parent, or disabled adult child that incorporates asset protection strategies, estate planning, government benefit programs and the family’s care plan for providing for their loved one if they can’t provide for themselves.

    Understanding ones overall financial situation and objectives are essential in assisting clients in any specific area of planning since all areas of planning are interrelated with each other. 


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    The Trust & Investment Management Division of Marquette Bank is committed to meeting your financial goals and will work as a team with you to develop and design a sound financial plan for your future and the future of those important to you. As our client, you can be assured that your affairs are being handled by a strong institution dedicated to providing the highest quality of personal service. 


    *Some Trust, Investment or Retirement financial solutions, products or services are not insured by the FDIC or any Federal Government Agency. These are not deposits or other obligations of the institution, these may go down in value and are not guaranteed by the institution. These services may be subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal invested. Always consult your tax, legal and/or professional advisor(s) for guidance on your particular financial situation.    


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