• ID Protection Service™

    ID Protection Service is a comprehensive Identity Theft Protection solution. As a subscriber, you will gain the peace of mind knowing that ID Protection Service includes robust Detection, Reimbursement and Resolution services.



    ID Protection Service monitors your credit files from one or more credit reporting agencies for specific changes such as inquiries, new accounts, change of address, delinquencies and public records. If a change is detected, an alert is sent to you. The monitoring plan includes:

    • Constant monitoring of your credit files as reported from credit reporting agencies
    • Email notification alert of changes to your credit files
    • Online access to all alerts generated from ID Protection Service
    • Ability to request copies of your Credit Reports with credit score



    A person can do everything right, and still become victim of identity theft. ID Protection Service provides full recovery service to each of its subscribers. In the event of an identity theft, ID Protection Service acts quickly to ensure that the financial and emotional damage is kept to a minimum. Victims are assigned a Personal Recovery Advocate who manages their case from beginning to end. With the help of our Recovery Advocate, the time and stress associated with restoring your credit profile are dramatically reduced.



    ID Protection Service™  

    • Combats identity theft for a low monthly fee
    • $4.99 a month for monitoring by one credit bureau
    • $6.99 a month for monitoring by all three credit bureaus





    *ID Protection Service™ is offered through Fidelity Information Services.