• Marquette Bank Celebrates National Consumer Protection Week
    Marquette Bank offers nine tips to consumers on how to hep protect themselves from identity theft 

    Orland Park, IL (March 1, 2013) – Marquette Bank, a locally-owned neighborhood bank is observing National Consumer Protection Week (March 3-9, 2013) along with government agencies, advocacy organizations and private sector groups nationwide. As part of its awareness campaign, Marquette Bank is providing consumers with nine tips on how to protect themselves from falling victim to identity theft.

    “Identity theft occurs when someone wrongfully uses your personal information to open credit cards and rack up bills, obtain a loan or service, work under your social security number or use your information to commit fraud,” Betty Kosky-Harn, Executive Vice President of Retail Banking, said. “Marquette Bank understands that being a victim of identity theft is upsetting and troublesome and we want our local residents to always take measures to reduce the risk of having their personal information misused.”

    Reduce your exposure to identity theft by following these simple guidelines:

    1. Buy a cross-cut shredder: Before you throw anything away, examine the item (receipt, statement, bill, pre-approved credit card) to see if it has any sensitive information on it, such as your name, address, account numbers, social security numbers, etc. If it does, make sure to shred and properly dispose of the document.

    2. Leave your checkbook and Social Security Card at home: Never carry around your checkbook or Social Security card. If you need a check, do not endorse it unless you absolutely have to and make sure you remove your Social Security Card from your wallet after you’re done using it. Both contain very important information that must be safeguarded at all times.

    3. Monitor your activity: Go through all of your bank and credit card statements every month. Make sure that every purchase on your statement was made by you. If there is a discrepancy, notify your bank or credit card company immediately so that proper precautions and procedures can be taken.

    4. Create complex passwords: Always create passwords that are hard to crack. Use a mixture of uppercase and lower case letters as well as numbers and symbols in all of your passwords. Memorize all of your passwords and never leave them written on post-its visible on your desk or other public areas.

    5. Be aware of phishing emails: Phishing emails look like they have been sent from a reputable company asking for personal information. A reputable company would never ask for personal information (such as a social security number) over an email.

    6. Be careful at the ATM: When entering your pin number at the ATM, be very cautious and careful that no one can see what numbers you are entering.

    7. Order your credit report at least once a year: Go through your report thoroughly to see if there is any fraudulent activity. It is better to catch fraudulent activity early on so you can eliminate bigger problems in the future. You can also monitor your credit history online for free at www.annualcreditreport.com.

    8. Do not give out personal information over the phone: If you receive a phone call and you are not sure who is on the other line, refrain from giving out any of your personal information. If the caller claims to be from a legitimate company you do business with, tell them you will call them back using the number on your statement or the back of your card.

    9. Use an anti-virus program on your computer: If a virus from the internet affects your computer, all of your personal and private information on that computer can be compromised. An anti-virus program will help defend your computer from internet hackers.


    For more information on National Consumer Protection Week, visit www.ncpw.gov. For more information about Marquette bank, visit www.emarquettebank.com.

    About National Consumer Week:

    National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) is a coordinated campaign that encourages consumers nationwide to take full advantage of their consumer rights and make better-informed decisions. This year, NCPW will take place March 3 through March 9, 2013. NCPW.GOV offers consumers a wealth of tips and information from federal and state government and non-profit partner organizations with a wide selection of free materials to learn how to protect their privacy, stay safe online, manage their money, avoid identity theft, understand mortgages and steer clear of frauds and scams.




    About Marquette Bank:    

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