Lunch Time To End Hunger Results

Release date: 5/9/2017

We are so proud of our employees all the time but especially with this latest donation event! Last week, we participated in the Greater Chicago Food Depository’s Lunch Time to End Hunger Campaign. The results were astounding! There were 43 companies all around Chicagoland that participated. Marquette Bank had 90 employees donate, plus Marquette Bank matched $2000 of their employees donations. Together we were able to surpass our goal and collect a total of $5586. This is enough to provide 16,758 meals to those in need. Marquette Bank received 9th place in this donation campaign which was great for a Southside bank that wasn't a large accounting or law firm. We want to thank everyone of our employees that donated. This campaign is yet another community activity that Marquette Bank can be proud to be a part of!

Overall the Greater Chicago Food Depository raised $180,047 in one week. That is enough for over 540,000 meals!