Do you think because you are short on cash or focused on saving money, your social and personal life has to suffer? Start taking advantage of all the free services and activities your local area and neighborhood have to offer. Try these local options that you may be missing out on and could be enjoying at little or no cost to you.  

Local Library
One place that offers an array of free services that often gets over looked is your local library. It has everything for all ages from free movie nights, book clubs, special programs and guest speakers. Some libraries even offer fun activities or special seminars every day of the week and it's close to home! 

Local Attractions
Depending on where you live, certain theaters, museums and zoos host special discounted or even free admission days throughout the year. Call or check the website of the attraction you are interested in going to for information on discounted/free days.

Local Park District
The Park districts' goal is to offer various activities for its local community. Take advantage of free activities they offer for residents. Many park districts offer free safety seminars, fitness training and special events. Some even host several open gym nights throughout the week. 

Local Parks and Forest Preserves
Be on the lookout for special events in your neighborhood at local parks and forest preserves like festivals in the summer. Pack a lunch to enjoy with friends and family and enjoy the entertainment.

Local Neighborhood Events at Marquette Bank
Marquette Bank bank also hosts free events that are offered to new and existing customers, as well as, to the public. We are very involved in the communities we serve and offer free health seminars, financial workshops and host various types of parties that can be fun for the whole family. Check here for upcoming events!

So the next time you are bored, but don't want to spend that extra cash, take time to check what your local options are offering at little or no cost to you! Some may take some pre-planning but it will all be worth it in the end for your wallet.
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