Call our Customer Service Center to redeem points Monday through Friday 7 am to 8 pm; Saturday 8 am to 4 pm and Sunday 8 am to 12 pm. FunRewards — Debit MasterCard® Program start date was 12/18/02. FunRewards Program revisions effective April 2013.

The FunRewards Program is available to any customer who has a Marquette Bank Checking Account. The Program is designed to reward customers who bank with us. The more banking services used, the more FunRewards points customers can earn. Annually 100 FunRewards points per customer are given for having an active Marquette Bank checking account as of 12/31 of that year. In addition annually, 100 FunRewards points are earned for having an active personal Marquette Bank Checking Account plus the following products as of 12/31 of that year: Debit MasterCard®, Savings Account, active Online Banking, active Online Bill Payment, Online Statements only, Mobile Banking, Mortgage/Home Equity Loan or Line, Money Market Account, Trust Account, Investment Account – for a total of up to 1,000 points. One hundred (100) points are earned annually for having an active Marquette Bank Business Checking Account as of 12/31 of that year. Plus, 100 additional FunRewards points are earned for a Marquette Bank Business Checking Account and the following products as of 12/31 of that year: Commercial Loan/Line, Business Remote Deposit, Online Statements, Business Debit MasterCard, Merchant Services, Online Banking, Positive Pay, Sweep Account and Zero Balance Account – up to 1,000 points. All annual FunRewards points will be awarded 3/1 of the following year. (For example: a customer having a Marquette Bank Checking Account plus Online Banking on 12/31/14 will receive 100 FunRewards points on his/her March, 2015 statement.) FunRewards points for multiple services are awarded on a per customer basis only.

In addition, each personal or business Marquette Bank Checking Account in good standing with the Bank, earns FunRewards points monthly for signature purchases with a Marquette Debit MasterCard, Direct Deposits, Online Bill Payments and/or automatic payments from the Checking Account. Direct deposit must be recurring weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Recurring Direct Deposits into a Marquette personal or business checking account earn 100 FunRewards points each time. Automatic payments (ACH) from a Marquette personal or Business checking account earn 25 points each time. Online Bill Payments from a Marquette personal or business checking account earn 25 points each.

Refer-a-Friend offer is available only to current Bank customers with a Marquette Bank Checking Account. Only valid for newly referred customers - no reward paid on existing Marquette Bank customers. Each referral must be submitted using the Refer-a-Friend coupon in order to receive reward. FunRewards points will be awarded and new points will show up on your Marquette Bank Checking Account statement within 35 days of your friend opening an account. Friend’s account must be a new Marquette Bank Checking Account with Debit Card.

FunRewards points are awarded each time you use your Marquette Bank Debit MasterCard, with a signature, for purchases. Debit MasterCard purchases on the Internet or over the phone also qualify for the FunRewards Program. (Point of sale, ATM withdrawals and any transactions requiring the use of a PIN number are not eligible for points.) For each dollar in qualified net signature purchases with your Debit MasterCard, you earn one Marquette Bank FunRewards point. Qualified net signature purchases are defined as the dollar value of goods and services purchased with the Debit MasterCard (signature purchases made online, in person or by phone) minus any credits, returns or other adjustments as reflected on the monthly checking account statement.

FunRewards points must be redeemed prior to expiration date. Unused FunRewards points will expire on December 31st of the year following the calendar year in which points were earned. (For example: Points earned in 2014 will expire December 31,2015; points earned in 2015 will expire December 31, 2016, etc.) FunRewards points will be redeemed from earliest points earned. Marquette Bank reserves the right to withdraw, alter or temporarily suspend the FunRewards Program at any time without notice. Cancellation and suspension could result in the forfeiture of earned points and a change in the redemption of any outstanding rewards. FunRewards and point values may be revised or withdrawn at any time without notice. All reward offers are subject to availability and may be subject to blackout dates.

Marquette Bank reserves the right to amend terms and conditions at any time without notice. The Bank reserves the right to disqualify any cardholder from participating in the FunRewards Program and to invalidate all FunRewards points for abuse, fraud or any violation of the program terms and conditions. Customers who are closing accounts can redeem FunRewards points only up to the time of account closing. All rewards are transferable; however, reward gift cards must be mailed to the primary Bank account holder’s address. Reward gift cards will not be replaced if stolen, lost, destroyed or expired and may not be returned for a refund of FunRewards points. Reward gift cards will be sent via regular mail within ten business days of redemption. Customers will be responsible for any additional costs incurred for other delivery options.

The cardholder is responsible for any personal tax liability related to participation in the program or as a result of points earned and/or redeemed. Marquette FunRewards points earned will be printed on your monthly Marquette Bank Checking Account statement. Points must be posted to your account and on your statement in order to be redeemed. These rewards have no cash value and can be used only in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this program. If Marquette Bank should decide to terminate the FunRewards Program, the cardholder or any other beneficiary of the program rewards release, discharge and hold harmless Marquette Bank, MasterCard®, the gift card issuers, the program administrator and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, officers, directors, successors and assigns from all claims, damages or liability including but not limited to physical injury or death, arising out of participation in the program. All rights reserved.

*ATM withdrawals, point-of-sale purchases or any debit card transactions that require entering your Personal Identification Number (PIN) are not eligible for FunRewards points. MasterCard® is a registered trademark of MasterCard International. Marquette Bank is not associated with any of the charities listed.