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4 Steps to a New Financial You in 2017

11/21/2016 in Insights

A new financial you is an achievable goal for 2017. Join those savers who have successfully opted to reduce holiday spending and prioritize savings throughout the season. Take your financial wellness in 2017 to a whole new level by starting with these four steps.

New Hours - Effective 01/01/17

11/21/2016 in Alerts

Starting January 1, 2017, the following branches will have new hours of operation

Merchant Payment Processing

10/5/2016 in Promotions

Looking for a better debit and credit processing solution?

Protect Yourself From Fake Check Scams

3/23/2016 in Insights

Counterfeit or fake check scams are on the rise. You may have heard about lottery scams, but there are also check overpayment scams, internet auction scams and secret shopper scams. The checks look very authentic, because scammers often use high quality printers and scanners to print the checks. These checks are printed with names and addresses of real financial institutions. The account numbers and routing numbers may be real, however, the check can still be a fake. Anything is possible from personal checks to corporate checks to money orders and even cashier’s checks.

Marquette Bank Promotes Teach Children to Save Day - April 11th

3/23/2016 in Insights

In observance of "Teach Children to Save Day" on April 11, Marquette Bank, is encouraging local families to recognize the day by communicating the value of saving money to the young people in their lives.  

Important Information for ATM Deposit Customers

3/9/2016 in Alerts

Important Information for ATM Deposit Customers Starting 4/30/16, due to decreasing volume, Marquette Bank-owned ATMs will no longer accept deposits. Please use the bank drive-up during business hour

Marquette Bank ATM machines updated with EMV-enabled "Chip" card readers...

1/15/2016 in Alerts

Marquette Bank has been updating our ATM machines with EMV-enabled “Chip” card readers. The new readers operate differently...

ATM EMV-Enabled Card Reader Upgrade Schedule

11/2/2015 in Alerts

Marquette Bank is updating our ATM machines with EMV-enabled “Chip” card readers. New readers will operate differently. Follow instructions on the screen. To find alternative free ATMs, search online.

EMV "Chip" Cards Are Coming to Marquette Bank

10/1/2015 in Alerts

Important Information: EMV “Chip” Cards Are Coming to Marquette Bank This is an industry wide effort to increase the security of in-person, card-present purchases/transactions.

Money Management References

8/20/2015 in Insights

For more information on effective money management and financial fitness, consider the books and web sites listed below.

8 Simple Steps for Balancing your Checkbook

8/20/2015 in Insights

Balancing Made Simple

American Housing Month: 6 Tips for Saving for Your Down Payment

6/8/2015 in Insights

In recognition of American Housing Month, Marquette Bank is offering tips to help consumers prepare for one of the first steps in the home buying process – saving for a down payment.

Social Engineering is not a good ice breaker

6/8/2015 in Insights

Social Engineering is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information. The type of information these criminals are looking for can vary, but it’s often passwords, social security numbers, bank information or ways to secretly install malicious software. 

Jumbo Mortgage

3/20/2015 in Promotions

Don't just dream about owning your perfect home, buy it!

Income, Money, Wealth: Building a Stronger Financial Future

2/23/2015 in Insights

Consider these universal tips to improve your financial outlook.

New Year Means New Personal Financial Plan

1/27/2015 in Insights

The New Year is a great time to review your finances, revisit your goals and put together a plan.

10 Steps towards a Healthy Financial Future in 2016

in Insights

Being financially prosperous takes a conscientious effort on your part each and every day. Proper steps need to be taken in order to stay on track financially. 

1st Home Illinois IHDA Program

in Promotions

$7,500 cash assistance for down payment & closing costs, Available in Boone, Cook, DeKalb, Fulton, Kane, Marion, McHenry, St. Clair, Will & Winnebago counties

FREE Homebuyer Education Class - Chicago/Western

12/10/2016 in Events

Marquette Bank's Homebuyer Education Class will help you determine what you can afford to buy and more...

4 Simple Steps to Stop a Cyber Thief

1/14/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood Bank Raises Awareness for Data Privacy Day Jan. 28

10 Tips to Green Your Home and Save Money

in Insights

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, chances are you care about protecting the environment – and saving money. Here are some tips from Marquette Bank to help you do both.

Business Remote Deposit

in Promotions

Make deposits in your business accounts 24/7 without ever leaving your office!

7 Tips to Prevent Tax ID Fraud

1/15/2016 in Press Releases

Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week is Jan. 25-29

12 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Device From Hackers

in Insights

As more and more consumers rely on their mobile devices to bank, browse and shop on the internet, it is extremely important that they exercise certain measures to protect their devices from online threats. In recognition of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the American Bankers Association is recommending 12 tips to help consumers safeguard their data and protect their mobile devices from fraudsters. 

Downpayment Plus Program

in Promotions

If you want to buy a home and have a steady income and good credit, Marquette Bank and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago can help.

Marquette Bank Announces its 50th Annual Scholarship Program

3/7/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank offers 61 high school seniors $2,500 to continue their education

Home Buyer Grant Program

in Promotions

Qualified buyers get up to $5,000 towards down payment or closing costs

Marquette Bank Awarded Eighth Consecutive Community Reinvestment Act 'Outstanding' Rating

3/18/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank awarded highest possible performance rating by the U.S. Federal Reserve 

4 Tips for Avoiding the "Grandparent Scam"

in Insights

The next time you receive a frantic call from someone saying they are your grandchild and asking for money, make sure it’s actually your grandchild who’s calling.

Marquette Bank Celebrates 50th Year Awarding Scholarships to Local Students

6/17/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank awards scholarships to 59 graduating seniors from local schools

5 Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund

in Insights

Nearly eight out of 10 U.S. tax filers will receive a federal tax refund this year.  As millions of Americans await reimbursement from Uncle Sam, Marquette Bank highlights five tips for making the most of their tax refund.

Keep Calm T-Shirt Giveaway

in Promotions

Show Marquette some love, win a t-shirt.

Marquette Bank Collects Over 5,500 Pounds of Food in Ninth Annual Neighborhood Drive

8/26/2016 in Press Releases

Local bank employees and customers participate in annual food drive 

7 Mobile Banking Safety Tips

in Insights

Managing your finances using a smartphone or tablet can be very convenient. However, you should consider these safety tips to protect your account information:

Marquette Bank Donates School Supplies through Annual Drive

8/26/2016 in Press Releases

Local bank’s annual school supply drive supports neighborhood schools and organizations

7 Steps to Better Money Management

in Insights

The following tips are designed to help you manage your money more effectively.

Marquette Bank Employees Support Local Animal Organizations

3/14/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank employees raise money and donate pet supplies to local animal shelters

Marquette Bank Employees Celebrate Partnership with South Suburban PADS

4/22/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank fights hunger through food donations and volunteering

Marquette Bank Employees Fight Hunger at St. Blase Supper Kitchen

3/9/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank employees donate, prepare and serve dinner for people in need

American Housing Month: Buying a Home? Six Steps to Start Saving for Your Down Payment

in Insights

Each year more and more millennials are getting married or starting to grow their families. Many are coming to realize they want more space or want to move closer to family. In honor of American Housing Month, Marquette Bank offers these six steps to help you save for your down payment.

Marquette Bank Employees Help Children in Need

4/25/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank assembles over 500 meal bags and sorts clothes for My Joyful Heart

Creating an Effective Personal Budget

in Insights

Step by step instructions for using the Personal Budget Planner 

Marquette Bank Employees Pack Lunches for Port Ministries Bread Truck

5/16/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank employees donate food and time to feed the hungry in south side neighborhoods

Debt Reduction Strategies

in Insights

The following tips are designed to help you reduce your debt quickly and economically.

Marquette Bank Helps Neighbors in Need to Stay Warm This Winter

2/16/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank donates almost 270 winter items to local organizations

Do you have a Financial Plan?

in Insights

Money is a hard topic. No matter your age or financial situation, you should actively manage your finances. Don’t ignore your finances or wait to react to money issues. Talk about it, define your goals and make a plan:

Marquette Bank Kicks Off 9th Annual Neighborhood Food Drive to Help Fight Hunger

5/24/2016 in Press Releases

Local bank encourages employees, customer and neighbors to donate non-perishable food items to support food pantries

Effective Strategies for Saving

in Insights

The following recommendations are designed to help you establish and or grow your personal savings.

Marquette Bank Launches Eighth Annual Adopt-a-Classroom Prize Drawing

8/26/2016 in Press Releases

Local bank to give away $200 gift cards to 22 local classrooms

Financial Tips for Millennials Living with Your Parents

in Insights

Many millenials are overloaded with student loans, credit card debt, and a serious lack of savings – both emergency and retirement. Living at home may provide some much desired financial stability, just when it’s needed most. One-third of millennials are now living with their parents.

Marquette Bank Observes National Consumer Protection Week

2/22/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank offers 12 tips for protecting your mobile devices

Happy Holidays Takes on New Meaning for Thieves

in Insights

Why are thieves happy? The natural hustle and bustle of the holiday season creates an environment where thieves can disappear or rather blend in with the rest of the crowd. 

Marquette Bank Opens New Banking Center

7/29/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank celebrates relocated branch with special customer events

Housing 101: Terms to Know Before Buying or Renting

in Insights

Whether you’re preparing to rent or buy, Marquette Bank encourages you to be familiar with the following housing terms

Marquette Bank Participates in America Saves Week

2/18/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank offers 4 steps to building an emergency savings account

Marquette Bank Receives Community Partner Award

6/17/2016 in Press Releases

Neighborhood bank recognized by Latinos Progresando for community outreach activities

Marquette Bank Offers 7 Tips to Frustrate a Fraudster During Tax Season

in Insights

The weeks leading up to April 15  tax deadline day – are often vulnerable ones for consumers, as W-2s and tax returns containing their personal information circulate over the internet and through the mail.

Marquette Bank Selected as Approved Lender to Help Homeowners with Underwater Mortgages

8/25/2016 in Press Releases

I-REFI program offers up to $50,000 to help pay down underwater mortgages

Marquette Bank Supports Pancreatic Cancer Research

8/16/2016 in Press Releases

Local bank hosts sixth annual Evelyn's Walk in remembrance of former employee.

Marquette Bank to Send Holiday Care Packages to Troops

10/6/2016 in Press Releases

Local bank seeks families to sign up deployed soldiers to receive care packages

Personal Plans for 2016: Buying a Home

in Insights

If you are thinking about purchasing a home in 2016, be prepared. Begin your journey, using these 10 steps:

Security Awareness: Ten Holiday Shopping Tips to Protect You

in Insights

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, Marquette Bank wants to make sure you and your money stay safe and secure this Holiday Shopping Season.

Spend or Save: 6 Ways to Make Your Refund Count this Tax Season

in Insights

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the nation’s taxpayers received an average tax refund of nearly $3,000 last year. To help clients make the most out of their money consider the following tips...

Talking Money With Your Kids – Easy Everyday Examples

in Insights

We were in the store and I heard the familiar phrase, “Mom can I get this please?” from my daughter. “What is it?” I asked. “It’s a special brush I’ve wanted forever, because it doesn’t cause any pain when your hair is tangled,” she said. Sounds reasonable, right? Except we’ve all been down this road before with kids when it comes to money discussions or maybe not. Are you comfortable talking to your children about money?

Tips for a Safe Vacation

in Insights

Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing. You do your research and plan what to take with you. However, you also need a little planning to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Tourists are often targeted by thieves at home and on vacation. 

Top 5 Home Improvements That Offer The Most Value

in Insights

A fresh coat of paint can improve the look of your home, but beyond the paint, which home improvements are really worth the effort and expense? There are differences of opinion depending on who you ask and where you’re located. Rather than relying on opinion, there is a more factual method of evaluating the improvements. If you consider the cost of the improvement versus the resale value, you can measure the actual percent return on your investment. 

Traps to avoid for New College Grads

in Insights

As you transition from College life to the working world, there are several traps you need to avoid in order to get your finances on track. Forming positive financial habits now will position you for long term success.

What Do Millennials Want in a Bank

in Insights

What do millennials want? That's a question every industry, including financial services, is asking now, because the generation born between 1981 and 2000 is the largest living generation -- even bigger than the baby boomers.


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